Magazine Test Shoots -

Mostly On Green Screen Screen
Please Don't Wear Green

Bring 1-3 Outfits of YOUR choice, please don't ask me to TELL you what you should wear, that is TOTALLY up to YOU....  It will depend on what your look good in, what you own, and what you are interested in working with in the future.   For example, Swimwear, if you WANT to do swimwear, BRING swimwear, Dressy, If you want to do Dressy bring Dressy, Sexy, if you want to do sexy, bring sexy.....  Hope this is clear....  YOUR CHOICE OF OUTFITS.  Bring what you want to be seen with in the magazine.


Come ready to shoot, hair/makeup finished

You have One Hour for the Shoot.  


Please schedule your appointment with the Book Online feature.   


1. The Shoots are UnPaid.


2. You Must be 18 years or Older, or Have Parent with You.


3. Model Release is Required for all models


4. You are NOT TRADING for Anything.  We are doing a magazine shoot and you will be seen inside the pages of OTM.  That is how you showcase your talent in a way many people never do.  So, we feel you get something of real value from doing this not just a few more images on a CD/DVD.  We do sell the images if you want to purchase them.  That also helps make it possible to cover our expenses in printing the magazines.  We hope you understand.  


5. We do NOT require you to purchase a magazine..... however, we expect you to... if you can since that is how we fund this business.  And, we ask that you tell others to support the magazine by purchasing a copy.  Please be ready to pre-order on the day of your magazine shoot so we can be sure to have your copies ready on the release date.  We accept credit cards, cash, checks.  Again, you are NOT required to purchase anything.


6. We allow 1 hour for the shoot, so come ready to take pictures.  Please understand if your late, or come with you hair up, no makeup, and need an hour to get ready we will run out of time, and you will NOT be doing any pictures.  


Needless to say... Leave the baby at home.  

Children under 8 years are a big distraction for mothers.

Friends & Family are Welcome, but should understand you are doing a photo shoot and we need your full attention,

Please leave ALL the drama at home.

You may also bring a friend who wants to do a shoot for the magazine.  If they do a good shoot we may use them too.


7. We will only use a few of your images, But you can shoot in 1-3 outfits. Because we may want to use you in several issues of OTM.  That saves you time because we do enough work for several issue so your not having to come back for extra shoots, at a later date.


8. We can not tell you if your in the current issue until all the shoots and layout have been completed.  Last Minute Changes will happen.


9. We Want all types of Talent, Not just Models, so Everyone is invited to shoot.


10. We (our staff) do all the photography, we do not use images you have done with outside photographers, it is hard to know for sure if there would be copywrite Issues.


11. We want all NEW images, not images you already used on some other website.


12. All Shoots are done with the idea that NOT every shoot will be used.  Some are just not up to the standard required to be in our magazine.  If that happens you will need to re-shoot.


Map Link.

We are in the Whilshire Shopping Plaza in Casselberry, FL 32707


Our address is

274 Whilshire Blvd. Suite 229 (near #237, but no sign door usually open)

Casselberry, Fl 32707

407 467-6382



Look for the offices on the second floor, in the corner of the L shape, there is a UPS and FedX dropbox near the steps going up.   We are up there, door 274, end of hall suit #229

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